ADAS Calibration Services

Innovative Diagnostic Solutions partners with your shop to give you access to the same high-quality equipment used by the manufacturers and dealers — without the enormous investment. It’s like having your own high tech team on-call for technical repairs, such as ADAS calibrations and alignments.

Integrating ADAS calibrations and alignments into your repair offerings is a way for collision repair providers to increase their customer base. By offering an OEM-approved service that covers all the needs of each vehicle according to manufacturer standards, shops like yours become great alternatives to dealerships. Innovative Diagnostic Solutions helps shops like yours maximize profits by serving as your on-call experts for all things ADAS.

ADAS Calibration

When a vehicle with ADAS needs suspension repairs or a wheel alignment, the process is a bit more involved. Features like Lane Keep Assist and Collision Mitigation need to know how the vehicle is traveling down the road. This is accomplished by mounted cameras and radar systems located behind the windshield and front bumper. If your vehicle’s steering angle sensor is adjusted during a wheel alignment, it may also be necessary to adjust your forward-facing camera as well – otherwise you risk incorrect steering inputs when traveling between lanes.

Whether your shop is set up to do ADAS calibrations on their own or with the help of a third party, Innovative Diagnostic Solutions offers our extensive ADAS knowledge and equipment for your independent shop’s benefit. With help from our experts, you can optimize your business and offer the same quality service as the dealership, with no bars or limitations.

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Programming and replacement of ADAS components is a crucial part of any diagnostic repair. At Innovative Diagnostic Solutions, we know when module programming and replacement is applicable and can tell you when it’s needed.

We offer programming of standard vehicle ECMs including engine controllers, body controllers, transmission controllers and more. The need to keep computer systems current is important in any modern vehicle, with manufacturers constantly putting out new updates and TSBs for their cars systems.

Newly installed modules also need to be programmed as many manufacturers will use the same physical computer for different models. This creates the need to do VIN writing and configuration of these components. We have the ability to perform ECM updates with the OEM software to get the latest calibration loaded into the vehicles computer system, which is often applicable during diagnostic repairs.

Our streamlined, hassle-free process makes it easier than ever to get your vehicle diagnosed, calibrated, repaired and back on the road.


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