Full Service Transmission Repair Center

Are you searching for a trusted mechanical shop that performs transmission repair?

Look no further than Innovative Diagnostic Solutions. Our physical locations are in 28412, 28206, 28031, and 28152

Do you want your vehicle to provide you with a comfortable, safe ride for years to come?

So do we! That’s why when you visit us for routine maintenance, our mechanics make a point to check your transmission. .

Full-Service Transmission Repair

Complete transmission service includes replacing the fluid and filter, repairing minor leaks, and checking all components. Avoiding a transmission check can lead to issues like slipping gears, leaking fluid, difficulty shifting, and concerning noises. If you’ve noticed any of these signs, schedule your service as soon as possible! Replacing certain parts or the whole transmission helps ensure your safety when a transmission gets damaged beyond repair. Our mechanics will source proper parts for your make and model to ensure they meet factory standards.

Innovative Diagnostic Solutions has the technology to access every vehicle on the road today to ensure we’re performing factory repairs. Our mechanics will scan your car before and after we’ve performed repairs and maintenance (pre and post-scans).

transmission repair on gears


At Innovative Diagnostic Solutions, we perform automotive repair services on-site, thanks to our full-service mechanical facility.

Our ASE Certified team of technicians provide the end-to-end experience, professional expertise, and on-site equipment required for extensive vehicle repairs that many repair shops struggle to fix on-site.

Our streamlined, hassle-free process makes it easier than ever to get your vehicle diagnosed, calibrated, repaired and back on the road.


  • Patching Minor Transmission Leaks.
  • Replacing Transmission Components.
  • Replacing Transmission Fluid and Filter.
  • Pre- and post-diagnostic scans to check for hidden damage.

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